When it comes to fueling, Fleming Reid has done it all. Including but not limited to:

  • Installation packages (commercial and retail) and project management

  • New pump/dispenser installation and replacements

  • Above and below ground tank installations and replacements

  • Cardlock installation and training

DEF and Lubricant equipment is becoming more and more common, and we are on top of the trend with a wealth of experience in:

  • Equipment installation packages

  • Design, installation and training of inventory management systems

  • Installation of outdoor heated DEF tanks, or indoor dispensing solutions

  • Installation of DEF cardlocks, or integration into existing cardlocks


Fleming Reid Petroleum also offers preventative maintenance programs for commercial fueling equipment and lubrication equipment.

Fleming Reid certified technicians will inspect your onsite fueling, lubrication and wasteoil equipment to ensure that your above ground storage tanks, pump, hanging hardware and associated equipment are safe and at their optimal performance level.  

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